Rest in Peace Bill Paxton


As you may have heard, Bill Paxton passed away on February 25, 2017. He had 93 films and television shows to his credit and some of his characters brought tears of laughter to some of his fans’ eyes. He was definitely well liked in Hollywood. James Cameron left a heartfelt message, which he emailed to Vanity Fair, regarding the passing of his friend of many years.

According to family representative, Paxton’s cause of death was from complications due to surgery. While there is little information regarding his condition, sources indicated that Paxton went in for heart surgery and suffered a fatal stroke while recovering from surgery.

It was truly a sad occasion on his passing, but remembering the many movie characters Paxton brought to the silver screen will definitely bring some joy and laughter to all of us.

What was your favorite Bill Paxton movie? Take our poll below.

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