Cullum’s Atta Girl’s Chicken

 Nashville Hot Chicken

My first experience with a specialty style of hot and spicy chicken called Nashville Hot or Nashville Heat came from
a little chain called Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was in a rush and I wanted to try something I had not really heard of before.  Nashville hot looked very unique and messy, but very delicious.

It wasn’t about the chicken, but the food style that had me hooked. I knew I wanted more. Come the year 2016 (yes, we know, the worse year ever) and I finally make it out to this little location on the corner of E. Mistletoe and Kings Ct. that goes by Cullum’s Attagirl, which open their doors about April 2015.

If the Cullum name sounds a little familiar to you, it’s probably because Jim Cullum was a staple in the jazz scene on the San Antonio Riverwalk for many years. His son, Chris Cullum, did not follow in his footsteps. He chose a different career path, feeding those who love food – really good food. Cullum’s first opened Attaboy’s Food Truck, which serves hamburgers and fries. His second location was at Tucker’s Kozy Korner, which has an expanded menu and live music.

Beer and Chicken Wings

Cullum’s third location is Cullum’s Attagirl. This is where I had my first taste of really good Nashville hot. Attagirl’s is located north off the St. Mary’s strip at 726 E. Mistletoe. The location is small and reminds me of a little neighborhood corner store. With a variety of craft beers and a minimal food menu, the wings are the start attraction.

Full disclosure: I’ve only had two beers in all my visits. This is only because I don’t usually like to drink when I eat, and I like their food so much, I’d rather just eat.

If you haven’t tried Nashville hot wings, you need to be prepared. They are spicy, but it’s a spice that creeps up on you. With his signature spices, Chris Cullum brings a bit of the South to San Antonio. Typically most can only tolerate three wings, but for those brave individuals, six wings is filling.

Atta Girls also offers a traditional southern fried wing drizzled with honey. You can also add a side waffle for the chicken and waffles dish many enjoy. And his final wing flavor on the menu is a smoke wing with the flavor of the day.

Finally, he makes up a batch of homemade pimento cheese spread that is unbelievably tasty. His pimento sandwich is a great treat, but if you really want a sandwich, try the fried bologna sandwich, which includes the pimento spread. A little con with the sandwich. He uses white bread, which just doesn’t hold up to the substance and your sandwich tends to fall apart.

In all, Atta Girls is a small craft beer bar with tasty food and I think it’s worth it to stop by and take it in. They do have some unconventional hours. They never open before 4 pm during the week and they are closed Mondays. Weekend brunch is available starting at 10 am.

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