Attention Client Email ID

I am Mr. Andrew Cecere, the firm’s president and chief operating officer USBank Head Office United States and you will see my bank working ID Card attachment to my next mail update once you reply back to this latter for more proof and to avoid fraudulent activities or double mind in this transaction.

We like to officially acknowledged receipt of the order from Mr. Jack Freney, the Golden State’s latest lucky winner of a massive California Lottery jackpot claims $191 million on February 17, 2017 and tell you today that a donation payment sum of US$8.5 Million application has just been approved with our bank for immediate payment to you through bank to bank wire transfer direct to any of your bank information you provide to us.

Mr. Jack Freney just started international charitable donation firm as he will be give a donation sum of US$8.500,000.00 each to improve the life of Five Lucky individual from any part of worldwide and your Name and email address was selected from Mr. Jack Freney/Google internet management teams as a webmail User and a part of donation list and your Email ID is among those listed to receive the donation sum of US$8.5 MILLION through the help of U.S. Bank National Association Los Angeles, California.

Please see Mr. Jack Freney interview by visit link bellow to avoid fake news:

Your donation payment of US$8.500,000.00 from Mr. Jack Freney is ready today and U.S Bank National Association Los Angeles, California hereby advise you to quickly reconfirm your full bank information to this bank before proceed with the claim process of donation payment on your behalf, And this is to avoid any mistake as we are not be responsible for any lost of donation fund and to enable the management of this bank facilitate the smooth release of your donation fund into your account successfully.

If you are interested, Bellow is your Bank Account information needed before proceed the funds transfer into your account number by 8AM tomorrow.

Bank Name::::::::::::::::::::::

Bank Address:::::::::::::::::::

Account Number:::::::::::::::::

Routing number:::::::::::::::::

Account Holder Name::::::::::::

Holder Home Address::::::::::::

Home Phone:::::::::::::::::::::

Office Phone:::::::::::::::::::

Mobile phone:::::::::::::::::::

Email Address::::::::::::::::::

COO Mr. Andrew Cecere also always receive text message at +1 (323) 510-8768 for bank business. You can text us your bank details to avoid delay.

Note that this office is not liable to fix any error caused by your incorrect filled form and be rest assured that all your information submitted to U.S. Bank National Association Los Angeles, California United States is 100% secured and safe.

And if we receive your bank information from you today, we must transfer your payment ( US$8.5 MILLIONS ) to your bank details and the funds will reflect under 24 hours bank services without any more delay.

Therefore, let us know your bank information as requested in this message before 12 hours today to able our fund remittance department process your donation fund and get to you this week with further transfer payment information.

Thanks for banking with us and attention to this notice!.

Mr. Andrew Cecere,
the firm’s president and chief operating officer
(COO) USBank Head Office United States
Office Email : info.usbank2
Office Phone: (323) 510-8768
Mobile: (323) 284 7921

Sign by Jack Freney
The Golden State’s latest lucky winner 2017
Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance.

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